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Community Sponsorship Group

Community Sponsorship is a resettlement scheme which supports refugees fleeing conflict and persecution on their arrival to Ireland.


Our group was established in 2021, and we are currently preparing to welcome a family to South Dublin and assist them to settle in and begin life here. 

What is Community sponsorship?

An innovative model of resettlement that benefits resettled families and local communities

About this group

We are a group of local people who formed a Community Sponsorship group in 2021.

Goals and targets

We have a fundraising target of €20,000 and require own-door accommodation in the area.

Get in touch with us

Communities and friendship are the foundation of this scheme. We'd love to hear from you. 

The group was established in Autumn 2021. So far, members of the group are living within a short distance of each other in areas such as Milltown, Clonskeagh, Rathgar, Terenure, Churchtown, Dundrum, Rathfarnham and Tallaght. We realised early on that our communities were linked by the River Dodder, and so we decided to incorporate that in to the name of the group. 

We are from diverse backgrounds and life stages, and are enjoying working together to prepare to welcome a family to our community. 

About the group

We are raising funds to support a refugee family to be resettled to Ireland under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme. The funds will be used to support the family's holistic integration in Ireland during their first two years of living here. We are aiming for a minimum of €10,000 for this purpose. Any remaining funds after the two-year period will be offered directly to the family to support their new life and to spend as they wish. In the event the family does not take up this offer, the remaining funds will be donated to a registered charity that supports refugee integration in Ireland. Please note we are not a charity. Please reach out to us with any queries.

We have undertaken fundraising activities including bake sales, market stalls and have more activities planned for 2022. However, our efforts have been limited to date by the COVID-19 pandemic, so any donations are extremely gratefully received. The link to our GoFundMe account is provided here, and by clicking 'donate now' you will be brought directly there. However, if you feel more comfortable making a bank transfer or donating in a different way (such as by pledging time or a skill) please email and we will be sure to facilitate.


Every cent raised goes directly to meeting the needs of the family and the group is comprised entirely of volunteers.


In addition to fundraising, we must source own-door accomondation prior to being matched with a family. 

If you have any potential leads on a property for rent in the general area please reach out to us

The family will be entitled to Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) on arrival to Ireland. 

Finding a home for the family is our most significant challenge, so we are really grateful for any potential leads. 


We'd love to hear from you

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